All Collections Features Rooms


A flexible and powerful model for sharing and collaborating on tracks.

What are Rooms?

Myxt is the best audio file manager out there. We want to empower creators by providing them from a flexible workspace where they can decide who should have access to what before distribution:

  • SOLO: You can have your personal streaming app for the stuff you are creating. Organize folders with samples, create private playlist of your music and maybe share them using public links

  • COLLAB: You can have all of the above, but you need to collaborate in a project?, you can create a new room and add creators to receive feedback, listen to your colleagues’ ideas, decide on what’s next for your latest single after creating playlists

  • STORAGE AND SHARING: You are in a band and you need ocasional collab characteristic and a bit more? Create a room and collaborate regularly with your bandmates/producer/students, etc., you can use rooms to organize your stuff in an audio friendly way!

How can I add people to a room?

There are two ways to add people to your rooms:

  1. By using an invite link (Recommended)
    1. Click on the list of collaborators
    2. Create an invite link to the room
    3. Send that to your friends (one link for as many creators you want to add)
  2. By searching for users by their @handle
    1. Every room has a list of collaborators under the name of the room, click there and search for your friend’s handle.
    2. They will receive an invite and they will decide if they join you
    3. Invited collaborators won’t be able to preview the room in any way

What can collaborators do in my room?

We encourage you to collaborate with creators you know. When you invite someone to a room they will have the permission to interact with tracks almost in the same way you do.

Collaborators have permission to:

  • Edit a track (name, artist, lyrics, notes)
  • Add more tracks to a room or a folder
  • Create playlists
  • Create and share links
  • Download tracks
  • Create videos
  • Comment in tracks and rooms
  • Invite other people to that room

Collaborators don’t have permission to:

  • Delete tracks they don’t own
  • Copy tracks they don’t own to another room
  • Delete the room
  • Kick the owner out of the room

As the owner of the room you are always in control of who remains there after a project or a collaboration end.